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My surgery: the serial

After several months of investigation, Catherine decided to go for surgery. She also decided to give account of the experience step by step.   First episode: alone in front of the mirror   When

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Their surgeries

Clémence, 24 ans :« What changes too; it is the way people look at you» She had a bypass in March 2009 and has lost 80 kilos «I have always been strong since I was a little girl. Before surgery, I

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The medical team

chrurgien-grosplanDocteur Olivier Fercocq, former interne of Hospitals, former chief resident, specialist in general, digestive and has been a weight-loss surgery specialist since 1999.

operationThe team is composed of experienced trained physicians. They work in good cohesion for the best multidisciplinary support.

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  • The Ter clinic

TER 1The Ter surgical clinic offers all departments of surgery. It is a private hospital with a high technical capacity.

Tél: 02 97 88 25 40
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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