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Their surgeries

ClĂ©mence, 24 ans :
« What changes too; it is the way people look at you»

She had a bypass in March 2009 and has lost 80 kilos

«I have always been strong since I was a little girl. Before surgery, I weighted 150 kilos. I had tried several diets. I had consulted nutritionists but it didn’t work. In March, that will be two years that I was operated by Docteur Fercocq in Normandy where I live. Since then, I lost 80 kilos. My life changed. I had some minor complication at the hospital after surgery but I would do it again if I had to. Without hesitation. I do consider it is a success. My life is different. Surgery has changed many things. Just to dress for example! And all the movements are made easier. Backache has gone. I used to be tired much faster before. And then what changes too, it is the way people look at you… I eat what I want, of everything but in smaller quantities. Everything is well settled as what regards vitamins or other nutritional supplements. I have a good and close follow-up. And before surgery, I met with numerous doctors: the surgeon, a psychiatrist, an endocrinologist, etc. The health assessment is quite complete as is the follow up afterward»
Published in Ouest-France Lorient on February 18th, 2012, to continue a paper on obesity surgical solutions

Danielle, 38 ans :
« To wear ladies’ suit, high heels, be a woman»

Danielle went through surgery in September 2011 and has lost 48 kilos.

"I used to weight 122 kilos before surgery. I started to take on weight during my three pregnancies. As soon as I was worried I started to eat. Diets always ended up with the weight back. I have a niece who had an adjustable band. I started to collect information and didn’t make up my mind at once. It took me time before I make the step to get an appointment, time for true thinking very useful to be conscious of my choice. My doctor followed me from the beginning.

A year after my operation, I’m thrilled. Even if I had a few consequences such as ulcers, altogether everything went fine and I have no second thoughts about. I have been well taken care of. That surgery changed it all! When you are in a large woman shoes, you feel rejected. Today I feel like I have a new life. I can do a lot of things I never did before like going to the swimming pool, wear ladies’ suit, high heels, be a woman. My husband appreciates the difference. In terms of meals, I can eat anything but in small quantities. I really do advise the surgery for all large women like me”.