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The surgeries

There are two main types of surgical technique:


Les techniques chirurgicales

The gastric bypass

There are two types of bypass: The classic type, also called Roux en-Y. This intestinal bypass is constituted of two connections, one between stomach and intestine and another one between the biliary limb and the alimentary limb The mini bypass, or else called bypass Omega due to the shape of the intestinal loop when re-connected. In this proc

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The purely restrictive type

The adjustable gastric band, still actual
This technic, also known as gastroplasty, consists in placing an adjustable ring around the upper part of the stomach. It has had its heyday between 1995 and 2002. Then, after on, the other procedures, bypass and sleeve, have outreached it. However, gastric banding remains a used, efficient and well-kn

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